Seeing more and more people wearing them, you may be wondering what the point of wearing gaming glasses is . Is it just a gimmick? Is it really useful? Are you wasting your life because you don't have one? With us, we work to optimize gamer performance, we've been studying the issue for more than 6 years, both for work and for play. So we have a lot (#jeudemotlunette) to share with you on the issue.

A brief overview of their usefulness

If you only have to remember that, anti blue light gaming glasses act like the shield of the goddess Hylia between the screens and your eyes.

  • Short-term protection : headaches , dry eyes, disturbed sleep . The glasses block bad rays and reflections to ensure maximum comfort. Oh yes! Also to have a style of madness but I will come back to it.
  • Long-term protection : more and more studies highlight the responsibility of our screens in certain serious conditions. without even mentioning that, UV rays are also present on a daily basis and good gaming glasses filter them completely.

Want to know more? The following gives you more technical details (but just as fun) of the usefulness of gaming glasses.

Gamer with gaming glasses

The detailed reasons for the usefulness of gaming glasses

Of course, to protect your eyes

As you can imagine, this is the main skill of these glasses. You can think of it like defense points for a tank or agility for an archer: if protecting your eyes weren't the top of our trade, it would be difficult for us to tell you about it without an ounce of shame.

But that's not the case: our team has worked (for a very) long time on these technologies and our mission is to democratize what we have been able to learn over the years.

On each product sheet, you will find, for example, the percentage of filtration of harmful blue light, as well as the standards and other types of filters applied, among others (you can check the other brands, they generally give very little 'info. Coincidence? I don't think so).

blue light via led

The advantage of getting anti blue light gaming glasses is therefore above all to protect your eyes.

It is important to know, as we will detail next, that prolonged exposure to harmful blue light from screens is particularly bad for your eyes.

You are likely to experience some issues like dry eyes, headaches, watery eyes, twitching eyelids, blurred vision and even glare.

It's absolutely no fun to live this on a daily basis, especially if it comes from your passion: why hurt yourself when you're trying to do yourself good? Besides, I didn't come here to suffer, ok?

Block blue light at all costs?

It's never a bad thing to remember what blue light is, and why you want to filter it. We called Professor Chen, Horus X special adviser (it's not true), to help us explain it to you.

Above all, you should know that it is not a light created by Man: blue light is present in its natural state in that emitted by the Sun.

Gamer facing blue light

It is also partly this that allows the body to have a real daily cycle: blue light tells the brain that it is time to wake up in the morning (or in the afternoon if you work night or that you're some kind of human wreck #kidding), and it's time to sleep at night when she disappears (or in the morning you clubber).

With this natural dose, no danger for our eyes.

But now, the technology has gone through this and the screens we use today also send blue light.

By using them several hours a day, there are risks . Blurry vision problems, dry eyes, headaches are some possible consequences of this overexposure.

It is therefore necessary to filter the most harmful part of this blue light , the harmful rays between 380 and 450mm + the UVs which contribute to accelerating retinal aging.

This part of the blue light is therefore targeted by our protective glasses; our Gaming 2.0 pair, for example, filters more than 86% of this harmful part. wow! You said puffy!

Your eyes will only see 14 small percent, enough to protect you as much as possible.

If you ask yourself the question (very good question by the way!) of the filtration rate, our choice is based on the best balance between effective protection and transparency.

These rates are the most relevant to promote maximum endurance without distorting your gaming experience.

Increase your concentration and skill

Besides hurting your eyes, too much blue light can have other, even less funny repercussions.

We talked about it at the beginning of the article, natural blue light allows the body to properly manage its sleep cycle . During the day you wake up in shape to face the day, at night you fall asleep peacefully to recover.

But we all know that screens are part of our daily lives, from morning to night.

It is therefore not uncommon at all to use a smartphone, computer or television before going to sleep , sometimes even a few minutes before closing your eyes.

Did you understand the problem?

Yes, in this way you send to your brain the sign that it is still daytime and that there is no reason to sleep.

Even if you manage to rest, your sleep will potentially be less restful . Falling asleep late, restless sleep and waking up tired, this is what awaits you.

Poor, non-restorative sleep will inevitably affect your concentration .

Tired during the day, you will not be able to concentrate properly on your work as on your games and, the more the days pass, the worse the situation will be.

Therefore, poor concentration affects your skill.

You could potentially be less good than usual, drop in level and even get frustrated. Like what, not protecting your eyes can lead to a controller thrown against the wall.

There are also more serious consequences that are still poorly identified but potentially quite serious.

Gamer in front of minecraft

To have a breathtaking style

It's not the main reason, but it's still important.

Anyone who is going to choose glasses will do so partly by thinking about their style, how the frames look on their face.

Even those who aim for the simplest glasses possible, it's not for nothing: they don't want eccentricity because it's not in their taste.

It's the same with gaming glasses. We have worked on our pairs to offer you something as discreet as it is pretty .

Have glasses compatible with your gear

When we talk about gear, we're talking about everything you're going to put on your head to listen to the sound of your game and chat with your friends in the middle of a game: your headphones .

What wearer of glasses has never had pain after a few hours of playing without removing his helmet ?

It is rare, very rare to speak to this very little known species.

This is why we have created our glasses, adapted to wearing a helmet. I also recommend the Gaming Revolution , unique in its kind for painless wearing of the helmet over time. Whether it's gaming or even working (if you have headphones on your head all day), there won't be any pain in your cute little temples/ears.

Still hesitant or convinced?

To sum up, the function of gaming glasses is simple: they protect you from the main dangers associated with staring at a screen for a long time and, in doing so, give you a slight advantage when you play (remember to practice anyway, we not going to do everything for you).

If you have any other questions , you can contact us via our social networks to find out more (this will allow you to test our responsiveness) ! If you found a pair, don't hesitate to share a photo of your new glasses with us as soon as you received them, if you're really on top we'll repost!

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