If you can find blue light blocking glasses in pharmacies, the fact remains that a large majority of the products offered are not really up to standard. It's paradoxical but true, if you ask your pharmacist for advice, there is little chance that he will advise you correctly (to be frank, even opticians are not yet well trained in blue light). Blame it on a lack of industry standard.

In this article :

  • Anti-blue light glasses: the truth on the market
  • Why it's not a good idea to buy in pharmacies
  • Where to buy blue light blocking glasses
  • Selection criteria

Lots of ineffective products

No industry standard yet

The phenomenon of blue light is not new but it has become very important with the arrival of screens in our lives.

In addition to natural sunlight, which contains a large part of it, our screens emit a significant amount of blue light which, due to overexposure, will tire and potentially damage your eyes.

pharmacist selling blue light blocking glasses to a couple

Since the first studies appeared, a whole bunch of more or less effective products have been created, but without any real standard. These products are distributed online, in supermarkets and even in pharmacies !

If blue light blocking glasses must still meet the essential standard for sunglasses, there is no blue light blocking standard yet...

The basic standard that therefore corresponds to sunglasses is the following: EN ISO 12312-1 2013 . For the North America zone, we are talking about ANSI Z80.3 .

Birth of a standard: what renowned studies and ophthalmologists think about it

However, the studies in question show quite clearly what the dangers of blue light are, what frequency of blue light to filter and above all at what time of the day:

🌞 During the day : filter the most harmful part, just above UV between 380 and 450 nanometers.

🌙 In the evening : filter all blue light 3 hours before bedtime to allow normal production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

In addition to this, we also know that screens emit a lot of reflections which add a layer of fatigue for your eyes. With an effective anti-reflection treatment, we can greatly reduce the digital fatigue associated with this (find out in detail what an anti-reflection is used for ).

display of blue light blocking glasses

Finally, even if UVs are much less present indoors, they still exist. And if, like us, you are one of those who like to surf and work on their computer on the terrace of a café, it is essential to add this protection.

Blue light blocking glasses in pharmacies: not such a good idea

Pharmacies are also businesses and to operate, they must sell products.

Whether they are under prescription or not.

The business of blue light having accelerated, it is difficult for them not to promote products to preserve the health of their customers even without this famous standard that we are talking about in this article (and it is to their credit) .

Pharmacy green cross sign in a French street

But in the context of blue light, without real optical specialization, pharmacists do not really have the necessary expertise to select the products and even less to advise you on the choice.

A simple test if you want to have fun. Ask your pharmacist the following question:

What percentage of blue light is filtered by your glasses and on what frequency?

Not sure they know the answer. And that says a lot. Most blue light blocking glasses in pharmacies are generic products with a very simple filter that filters out less than 20% of harmful blue light most of the time!

Ashamed ? Maybe !

How and where to buy your blue light blocking glasses

How to choose your glasses?

No matter where you buy your glasses, they must:

  • ☀️ Filter 100% of UV rays
  • 🛡️ Filter out 100% of ultra harmful blue light between 380 and 400 nanometers
  • 🛡️ Filter out as much harmful blue light as possible over the extended spectrum between 380 and 450 nanometers
  • 🔵 For evening use: filter a maximum of the entire spectrum of blue light (from 380 to 500 nanometers)
  • ✨ Be equipped with a powerful anti-reflection

There are of course other criteria such as aesthetics or ergonomics, but by already looking at the most important criterion, which is filtration, you ensure optimal protection!

Where to buy blue light blocking glasses?

You will find it in pharmacies but it is not necessarily our recommendation.

If this is your choice, be sure to check the filtration criteria carefully . A brand sells anti-blue light glasses without specifying the filtration rate? Go your way!

👉 The easiest way is to buy online from an expert brand in the field.

So simple because it allows you to check the opinions on blue light blocking glasses from customers while having them delivered to your home for free.

And some brands (they are rare) even offer a lifetime money-back guarantee!

You can even try on your products online with the 3D fitting that takes your face size into account.

Our recommendation:

For everyday use, during the day: the nomadic anti blue light collection is simply ideal. Our favourite: The Ushuaïa anti-blue light glasses with ideal filtration.

Ushuaia blue light blocking glasses

For evening use or for sensitive eyes or for long and intense screen sessions: the gaming eyewear collection from Horus X equipped with super powerful amber lenses. Our favourite: the revolution bezel with amber filter .

The Horus X Revolution blue light blocking glasses

Pharmacy blue light blocking glasses | The final word

Blue light blocking glasses are a relatively new product compared to sunglasses for example. The latter have also taken decades before a standard is created for the well-being of consumers. This explains the absence of a current standard. Be that as it may, the experts and various studies are formal about the necessary protection and make it possible to establish a framework which, if not yet legal, is at least scientific and allows the best protection when we know what to analyze.

You have more questions ? Feel free to comment or contact us on the networks!

PS : we have nothing against our pharmacist friends, the market standards are what they are for the moment but we want to shake things up and hope that this article will enlighten you (without too much blue light).

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