You've invested in additional technologies to take your digital experience to the next level. Good game ! Before settling into your ergonomic chair to face the world, do you perhaps have questions about harmful UV rays and their impact on your health?

In this article :

  • Quick overview of the best UV glasses for computers.
  • What is UV light?
  • The UV light from our screens?
  • A word about blue light
  • How to protect yourself?


Picture Product UV (A,B,C) blue light Category
anti uv casual glasses Casual UV glasses for computer 100% 50% 0
Revolution computer UV glasses Intense UV Gaming Glasses 100% 86% 1
gaming one solar glasses Ultimate UV Sunglasses 100% 98% 3

What exactly is UV light?

UV, or ultraviolet light , is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is shorter in wavelength than visible light. It sits just outside the violet end of the visible light spectrum and can be (very) dangerous to your eyes.

Electromagnetic radiation, which is transmitted in the form of particles or waves of different wavelengths and frequencies, comes from the sun. Enough technical details...

In summary, UV rays are responsible for your summer tan, your sunburn and unfortunately some other even less pleasant consequences!

What are the dangers of UV rays for your eyes?

UV exposure is dangerous and can lead to:

  • Cataracts : This is a condition in which the lens of your eye becomes cloudy, eventually leading to loss of vision.
  • Photokeratitis : Also called "snow blindness", this is an inflammation of the cornea caused by exposure to UV rays. It can cause pain, tearing and blurred vision.
  • Pterygium : This is a growth on the conjunctiva (the thin membrane that covers the front of the eye) that can obstruct vision.
  • Eye cancer : Exposure to UV rays can increase your risk of developing cancerous tumors on the eye.

Wow, that's a lot of things with unpronounceable names to take in! But stick with us for a second, because we give you some key tips on how to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays further down in this article.

Man wearing sun protection goggles

How much UV light is emitted by your computer screen?

Actually, not that much, and that's great news. In fact, screens emit only a very small amount of UV rays compared to the sun .

However, care must be taken when using screens outdoors or in environments that are too exposed. This is where UV and screens can be an infernal combo:

UV rays are most present outdoors, and when your eyes focus on your screen, they absorb both direct sunlight and light bouncing off your screen directly into your eye . Ouch.

So the first thing to do is get your work/game setup in the right conditions.

So I'm safe inside, right?

Inside, you are a little more protected against UV rays. Under normal conditions, the use of your screen is not a major problem when it comes to UV rays.

There may still be some reflections loaded with UVs, even indoors.

We must also mention another enemy that comes directly from your screen, namely blue light .

Blue light is present everywhere around us. It is a type of visible light that is shorter in wavelength than other colors in the visible spectrum and is just above its close cousins ​​UV.

Should I also be worried about blue light?

Although blue light may not be as harmful to the eye as UV rays, it can still have negative effects if you are exposed to it for long periods of time (and God knows we are exposed to screens all the time). .

One of the main effects is the suppression of the sleep hormone (melatonin), which can contribute to major insomnia. Some long-term effects are still being studied, but the first results are not super encouraging. We therefore advise you to protect yourself so as not to take unnecessary risks.

person in front of a computer screen

Protect yourself from UV (and blue light)

The good news is that UV protection is easy. Simple and efficient :

  • Avoid using your electronic devices or playing video games in direct sunlight or, at least, avoid having the sun directly behind you to reduce glare as much as possible.
  • Get yourself a pair of quality anti-UV and blue light glasses

What about protection against artificial blue light?

Install an app on your phone or computer that filters blue light. There are many different options, so be sure to do your research and find the one that best suits your needs (editor's rec = F.lux).

Try to avoid using your computer or phone at night . This is one of the best ways to reduce exposure to the most harmful blue light.

Finally, try blue light blocking glasses specially designed for screens.

How glasses protect against UV and blue light

Some glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and UV rays. They usually have tinted lenses and highly sophisticated filters that block these types of light and prevent them from reaching your eyes.

They are specifically designed to filter the harmful rays of blue-violet light, those emitted by your screens as well as UV rays. To be technical, the range of light between 380 and 450 nanometers (high energy blue light) will be greatly reduced with the range below 400 nm (UV) being completely blocked.

This can help reduce eye strain, headaches, trouble sleeping - and all the other long-term dangers mentioned above.

Let's take a look at three UV blocking goggles that are worthwhile.

UV protection glasses Casual screen (clear glass)

With the Horus X Casual glasses, you will benefit from eye protection at a very reasonable price. Moreover, you will be very elegant! These lightweight, comfortable and durable glasses are perfect for everyday screen work.

With a pair of Casual glasses, you get 100% protection against blue light at 400nm and 100% protection against UV. They're designed to be worn throughout the day, whether you're lounging with friends, at work or at home. And of course, they are perfect for computers.

Characteristics :

  • Casual 2.0 glasses, ideal for gamers, digital nomads, freelancers, computer work.
  • Very light polycarbonate frame (20g)
  • Comfortable nose plate
  • Flexible and thin temples with Soft Protect coating for optimal comfort
  • ANSI standard by an independent laboratory

Filtration details:

  • 100% UV rays (A, B and C)
  • 100% blue light [at 400 nm].
  • 50% of harmful rays [380nm-450nm].
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare and anti-scratch
  • transparent filter

Gaming Revolution computer anti-UV goggles (orange tint)

Equipped with the best filter on the market, the Horus X Gaming Revolution glasses offer the ultimate protection technology. Designed to put an end to headaches, eye fatigue and insomnia.

You'll be able to play to the best of your abilities without having to worry about those frustrating headaches .

With a pair of Gaming Revolution glasses, you will benefit from a unique design and ergonomics. They are characterized by an extraordinary thinness (a tiny 0.8 mm!) with a characteristic metal alloy, and adjustable silicone tips. Polycarbonate lenses are ultra light.

Characteristics :

  • Revolution Gaming Glasses
  • Lightweight metal and polycarbonate frame
  • Comfortable nose pad
  • Our thinnest temples for unparalleled comfort with a gaming headset.
  • CE standard by an independent laboratory

Filtration details:

  • 100% UV rays (A, B and C)
  • 100% blue light [at 400nm].
  • 86% of the most harmful rays [380nm-450nm].
  • Anti-reflective, anti-glare and anti-scratch
  • Amber filter

The Gaming One Sun

blue anti uv glasses

Discoverthe ultimate sun protection and intense screen glasses , for all the ultra-connected cyborgs that we are.

This beast offers 100% protection against blue light at 400nm and +96% between 380 and 450nm. Perfect if you really have to work in environments with high sun exposure.

They boast a streamlined frame for both men and women, with light, modern curves for an exceptional look. In terms of comfort, the team has worked hard to equip The Gaming One sunglasses with the best materials. Temples and lenses in polycarbonate, ultra light and flexible.

Characteristics :

  • Blue Light and UV Reinforced Sunglasses
  • Very light polycarbonate frame (27g)
  • Comfortable nose plate
  • Soft and thin earpads for optimized comfort with a gaming headset.
  • CE and ANSI standards by an independent laboratory

Filtration details:

  • 100% UV rays (A, B and C)
  • 100% blue light [at 400nm].
  • 98% of the most harmful rays [380nm-450nm].
  • Anti-reflective, anti-glare and anti-scratch.

There you have it, three of the best, most powerful UV protection glasses for your computer. There are also many other options, which you can check out here .

💡 Do you know? Unlike standard sunglasses, our sunglasses also protect against blue light !

Computer UV Protection Glasses - The Final Word

Don't let headaches, eyestrain, general fatigue and insomnia ruin your daily life. Not to mention the irreversible long-term effects to which you expose yourself. With quality glasses that block blue light and UV, like the Horus X range, ensure your vision health and your comfort in the long term.

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