The right gaming setup is essential for any Gamer worth their salt. It allows you to play in the best conditions, in an inspiring context, in short, to take full advantage of your daily gaming experience . This is an opportunity to impress your friends, your opponents or even your followers, because very often, a gamer set up is not just a question of comfort or aesthetics, but it is also and above all a way to express your personality .





  • What is a good gaming setup?
  • The heart of the set up: the computer
  • Devices and accessories
  • Our favorite setups
You need a set up that reflects your style and sets a particular mood, a crucial step in establishing your personal brand. You wonder how to make a good gaming setup, what to expect, what is the price of a set up, how to choose the components, what to prioritize...
In this guide, we suggest you establish the gaming set up of your dreams with specific recommendations. Follow our advice to develop your "war machine".

Set up Gaming: Overview

A gaming set up or gaming installation is much more than a simple gaming PC placed on a desk. It is a skilful assembly of components that will define your comfort, the ergonomics of your gaming station and, in general , the quality of your gaming experience .

This can have a huge impact on your long term performance. There are many possible setups, from + basic to + elaborate, and there is also something for all budgets. Whatever your budget, a good gaming set up starts here (details in the rest of the article of course):

  • A computer
  • One or more screens
  • A gaming table / desk
  • An ergonomic chair
  • A gaming keyboard
  • A gaming mouse
  • Gaming glasses
  • A quality audio system (Headphones, speakers)
  • A microphone & one or more cameras (for streaming in particular)
  • Quality lighting
  • A suitable decoration
best gaming set up in action

Choosing each component will require a lot of research to find the rare pearl that will allow you to aim for the best performance while staying within your budget.

But the game is worth it since you can then immerse yourself with pleasure in your gaming room for hours and hours of play in a universe whose codes you will have defined !

This article guides you in this adventure.

The heart and soul of your setup: the gaming computer

If you want a high-performance gaming PC, you need to know the basics. Whatever type of configuration you choose, you need to know what will determine the performance and the look of your PC.

Preconfigured gaming PC or to assemble?

You can choose a pre-assembled gaming PC with editable options. If you're the kind of gamer who does n't really want to spend hours consulting the technical details of computer products, this option is for you.

There is something for all budgets and beginners or non-professional players often turn to this type of machine.

You can easily run most recent video games properly with quality rendering. Be aware, however, that you will not always have the best possible setup.

Our recommendation therefore turns to a custom configuration.

good gaming setup

If you are serious and want to weigh in the game, if you are a purist, a hardcore gamer, a professional, a streamer, you will necessarily have to assemble your own gaming PC .

Often at this level of play, the extra fraction of a second or the fine detail offered by a particular CPU, GPU will make all the difference between victory and defeat. Paradoxically, for a better machine, you will save much more by assembling your PC gamer setup.

The motherboard: don't neglect the foundations

Often overlooked when talking about the configuration of a gaming PC, the motherboard is the most important component. Determining the stability, expandability, and possibilities of your setup, knowing how to choose the right motherboard is crucial. The criteria to pay attention to are:

  1. The sockets (which will accommodate your processor): Intel-1151, Intel-1200 and AMD-AM4 are the most popular on the market.
  2. The format (which determines the size of the case and various BIOS options such as overclocking): Standard ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX, respectively from largest to smallest format.
  3. The chipsets (the main element that has the greatest impact on the performance of your configuration): they determine the type of processor, RAM, the number of USB ports, the type of hard disk, the number of possible displays, etc,.

Always remember to compare 2 to 3 options to have greater freedom of choice.

Recce Horus X:
  • Beginner : Gigabyte B460M DS3H
  • Intermediate : Asrock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4
  • Pro : Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F GAMING

motherboard set up gaming

    Processor or CPU: the brain of your machine

    As with the human body, the brain (processor) is responsible for coordinating all the actions of your gaming PC. Processor performance depends on the number of cores (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8...) and threads and no longer on their raw power (expressed in GHz). The two main brands in the middle are Intel and AMD.

    Go for Intel's i5, i7 or i9, i10 processors (5, 7, 9 and 10 cores) or AMD's Ryzen 5 or 7 if you want one of the best gamer configurations.

    A 4-core processor will allow you to play light video games (World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Fortnite...), to do office work and will be suitable for small budgets. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best performance for playing heavy video games (GTA V, Battlefield, The Witcher 3..), streaming, VR, playing in 4K, turn to 6-core processors with overclocking or 8 cores and more.

    It is therefore very important to know what your gaming PC will be used for before you start choosing your gaming processor.

    Recce Horus X :

    • Beginner : Core i3-9100F
    • Intermediate : AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
    • Pro : AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960x


    cpu for gaming setup


    Graphics card or GPU: Mirror, Mirror tell me who is the most beautiful.

    To choose the right graphics card, you will need to ask yourself 3 questions:

    • what type of screen will you be playing on (resolution, refresh rate, etc.)
    • what is your budget
    • do you need more than 60 FPS (frames per second).

    Your choice of graphics card will mainly depend on these elements. Be aware that the graphics card determines the appearance of video games . This is also linked to the type of screen you will be using (see below, screen paragraph).

    There is no point in having a WQHD or Ultra HD (4K) compatible graphics card if your screen supports a maximum resolution of 1080p.

    Other factors to consider when choosing your GPU are

    • the power consumption (a graphics card requires a lot of energy), the calculation frequency (expressed in Ghz or Mhz)
    • the integrated memory (at least 6GB for versatile use and 8GB for exceptional performance)
    • connectors (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, etc.).

    The two most popular brands are often Nvidia and AMD. Remember to take into account all these criteria and also the dimensions of your graphics card which must be compatible with your motherboard.

    Innovations in the graphics card market are frequent, so avoid investing a large sum just to have the most recent model (NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti), unless it is on sale.

    Recce Horus X:

    • Beginner : GTX 1650 Super
    • Intermediate : RTX 2080 Super
    • Pro : RTX 3080

    gpu for gaming

    RAM memory: abundance of everything harms

    RAM only affects the performance of a gaming PC below a certain value. It is quite difficult to measure the impact on video games from the moment you have reached the minimum recommended for a classic configuration . Know that you will be able to properly run the majority of the most recent games with 8GB of DDR4 RAM.

    DDR4 technology is the benchmark for gaming-oriented configurations . If you really want to have the best performance for VR, streaming or playing very demanding games, 16 GB will be more than enough.

    If you're not running a server, there's no point buying 32GB and more of RAM. It's throwing money down the drain. Remember to opt for models with a high frequency (expressed in Mhz), a low Timing (Latency) and compatible with your motherboard.

    Recce Horus X:

    • Beginner: Ballistix Sport LT DDR4, 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)
    • Intermediate : Corsair Vengence 3600 16GB DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
    • Pro : DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB, 16 GB (2 x 8 GB)

    ram memory setup gaming

    Storage type: combine the best of two worlds

    For a gaming setup, it is strongly recommended to opt for an SSHD disk in order to have better loading times . SSHDs are quite expensive, so pair them with a 7200 rpm HDD for your data storage. No need to spend $300 for a 2TB SSD.

    It is better to have an HDD of the same capacity which costs about 5 times less for your data and to use a lower capacity SSD as the installation disk .

    There are 3 main interfaces for SSD-type drives: SATA 3, M.2, and PCI-E (slowest to fastest). Even SATA 3 type SSDs are much faster than HDDs and so it will all depend on your budget.

    storage for gaming set up

    Food: a long-term investment.

    To choose the power supply for your gaming PC, you will have to take into consideration the format of your motherboard and the power of components such as the graphics card, the processor...

    You can calculate your machine's power requirements online with tools like this or this. Be aware that a power supply has a gross efficiency generally between 50 to 60% of the values ​​indicated. It will therefore be necessary to opt for a power higher than the result you will obtain.

    The power supplies have certification levels (white, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium) which indicate the percentage of efficiency.

    Recce Horus X

    • Beginner: Corsair CV450 - 450W
    • Intermediate : Antec HCG
    • Pro : Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 Modular

    power supply set up gaming

    Cooling system: the cool side of your CPU.

    To prevent your machine from overheating, especially if you plan to use it almost constantly, opt for a quality cooler or a watercooling kit (water cooling). For watercooling kits, opt for an AIO kit ready to be mounted. Aesthetic and easy to set up, it is recommended for beginners.

    In the same vein, coolers are also used to cool your processor, the element that heats up the most. For these two types of systems, it will be necessary to pay attention to the dimensions and the TDP (Thermal Design Power or Thermal Envelope) indicated in Watt. This is also the time to start deciding on the look of your gaming room.

    Recce Horus X

    • Beginner: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO
    • Intermediate : Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition
    • Pro : Noctua NH-U12S

    gaming cooling

    The case: the look of the beast

    The PC case of a desktop gaming system is here to stay. It will easily survive a configuration change. The criteria to take into account to choose yours are the size, the format of your motherboard, the price, the ventilation system (at least two fans), the design, the manufacturing materials and the lighting system.

    It is important to think about acquiring dust filters to facilitate the cleaning of your machine. For a gaming setup, in addition to performance, the case is a determining element of the look of your gaming setup . Remember to choose a box that will go with the atmosphere you are trying to create.

    Recce Horus X

    • Intermediate : FRACTAL DESIGN MESHIFY C
    • Pro : BEQUIET! DARK BASE PRO 900

    gaming box for set up

    The screen: determine your degree of immersion

    That's it, you're done with the inside of your gaming setup, now you have to think about the display. For your screen size, opt for 24 inches and 34 inches at most.

    Since you will probably have 2 to 3 screens for your gaming setup, too large dimensions risk cluttering your table. If you're a streamer, having multiple screens is really essential, it's so convenient that it's hard to imagine things any other way.

    The second criterion is the desired resolution , and it should match the capabilities of your GPU. HD, FHD, QHD, UWQHD, 4K UHD etc., the options are multiple and determine the resolution of your screen.

    The type of panel will influence the viewing angle , contrast and colorimetry during your games. Choose a TN or IPS type panel with a response time of less than 5 ms for good performance. Unless you have a princely budget, avoid PC screens with OLED technology which cost the eyes of the head (5000 € minimum).

    The refresh rate (from 60 to 240 Hz) influences the FPS of your games. If you intend to play fast-paced games, 144Hz will be more than enough. The last important point is the connection of the screen because it must correspond to your options of sound card, GPU. A monitor with HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort outputs is recommended if your setup requires it.

    Our recognition

    • Beginner : Acer SB230 or FoxSpirit 34" curved
    • Intermediate : Alienware AW2518Hf or Asus VG27AQ
    • Pro : Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ or Asus PG35VQ

    pc gaming setup

    Now you know which components determine the performance and appearance of a gaming PC. You might be wondering how much all this is going to cost you.

    No need to sweat, there's something for everyone. For small budgets, it will be necessary to plan between 600 and 800 €. Mid-range configurations cost between 800 and 1400 €. Beyond 1500 € you can afford a beast of a game.

    Accessories and peripherals: the body of your setup

    Having a powerful gaming PC is good, but without the right accessories it doesn't make sense.

    The Table / the desk: The basis of any setup

    A solid table is first and foremost the guarantee that your setup will not collapse without warning . More than just a rectangular stand, your table or desk should allow you to play as comfortably as possible with enough space to accommodate your entire setup. We recommend a height-adjustable desk to vary the pleasure and spare your back, which could suffer if you sit too long.

    When choosing your table, carefully consider cable management . Given the number of cables there will be, it will be necessary to avoid leaving them lying around everywhere. Nothing is more destructive to a beautiful setup than a plethora of loose cables. If this is your first setup, choose a very simple model, emphasizing solidity and sobriety. If you're already at the next level, get a height-adjustable model, with more plush materials, wider and solid, with enough room to install several screens.

    Our recognition

    • Beginner : SyberDesk Gaming
    • Intermediate : Walker Edison Gamer Command Center
    • Pro : Arozzi Arena

    desk for set up gaming

    The Chair: comfort above all

    You have your table, now you need a gaming chair. No, a classic chair won't really do. You will need a chair specifically designed for gaming. Being a gamer requires spending hours sitting in front of your computer. It is therefore essential, to avoid having your back in pieces, to invest in a suitable chair.

    For the choice, we recommend that you take into account your height and weight to start with and then the elements of adaptability that this chair gives (height adjustment, armrests, etc.).

    Recce Horus X
    • Beginner : GTRACING E-Sports Chair or DxRacer
    • Intermediate: Quersus or Rekt
    • Pro : Secretlab Titan

    gaming chair for set up

    Lighting: let there be light

    Even if you opt for a minimalist setup, good lighting is ESSENTIAL. This is really what will set the atmosphere, the mood you want to feel (and “make feel” if you are a streamer).

    Our recognition

    • The base : simple projector / colored neon lights
    • Modern and customizable : Nanoleaf or LIFX
    • Smart, integrated light : Philips Hue + the whole Philips system

    If you can afford it, treat yourself to NanoLeaf lights that not only look great, but can also be arranged to suit your tastes.

    gaming lighting set up

    Headphones (and speaker): immersion

    The sound quality of your setup is essential. You will spend hours with a helmet on your head. So opt for headphones with excellent sound quality but which will also look very good. Whether circum-aural or in-ear, wired or not, it's up to you to choose a Stereo or Surround headset. Some of the helmet models that we particularly liked are:

    • Beginner : Corsair HS35 or Corsair HS50 pro
    • Intermediate : HyperX Cloud II or Steelseries
    • Pro : Audio Technica ATH-G1 or Asus ROG Delta
    • Ultimate choice : Sennheiser HD 660 S

    gaming headset for set up

    To complete your sound system, you can add speakers. The type of speaker influences the degree of immersion and the frequency determines the quality of the final sound reproduction. The criteria to consider when choosing your speakers are: the connectors (to the PC and between the speakers), the design (it is important that it integrates with the rest of your setup), the power and the type of speaker. 2.0 or 2.1 stereo for beginner setups and for intermediate or professional setups, 5.1 surround speakers will provide good immersion. Be careful, 7.1 surround speakers for a PC are bulky and don't really have room for a PC gamer setup, unless you have money to waste.

    Some good systems

    • Genius SW-G2.1 2000
    • Logitech G560
    • Razer Leviathan

    Streamer option: Microphone and Camera (webcam or pro camera)

    Investing in an external mic and camera will become even more necessary when you get serious, especially if you're getting into streaming. The quality of your sound and your image will have a huge influence on the pleasure felt by your followers. This is the basis for retaining your audience. We could develop a whole article on this subject but we still have a few models to recommend to you.

    Reco microphone : Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone or USB Microphone,Fifine

    Reco cam : Razer Kiyo or Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro or Lumix GH5

    streaming options for gaming setup


    The keyboard is also a vital element for gamers. A mechanical, backlit, TKL or classic keyboard, it will all depend on your preferences. If you plan to do intensive gaming, avoid “chiclet” keyboards (mainly found on laptops) and the membrane keyboard (classic on desktop PCs). It is important to choose a responsive keyboard that will allow you to play in the best conditions and that will look great like the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum.

    Our recognition

    • Beginner : Redragon K556 / Steelseries Apex 3 (silent, top for streaming)
    • Intermediate : Anne pro 2 / Logitech G Pro
    • Pro : Ducky One 2 mini / Corsair K95

    keyboard for gaming setup


    For the mouse, which is just as important as the keyboard, it will have to be ergonomic and this will also depend on your preferences. Comfort, look, shape, weight, wired or not, the number of programmable buttons (for some, the more the better, provided you don't forget which button does what), laser or optical, are factors that should determine your choice. An example of a mouse that we recommend for gaming is the Asus ROG Chakram which offers up to 16000 dpi, 9 adjustable buttons and more.

    Our recognition

    • Beginner : Logitech G502
    • Intermediate : Glorious model 2 / BenQ Zowie EC2-B
    • Pro : Finalmouse / Asus ROG Chakram

    gaming mouse set up


    Gaming glasses

    Another very important element of your setup that we particularly recommend: gaming glasses . You will spend hours every day in front of your screens, it is important to have excellent glasses to protect your eyes (in anti blue light mode) and avoid excruciating headaches at the end of the day. There are several types of gaming glasses but we of course recommend the ultimate Horus X glasses which combine the highest protection rate on the market with a unique style and a revolutionary price.

    You should know that the blue light generated by screens affects your eyes in the short and long term. Protecting them is therefore important to avoid eye fatigue , sleep disorders and ultimately protect your performance... To choose your glasses, take into account performance, design and comfort of use.

    Our recommendation : the ultimate Horus X gaming glasses of course :) Available here

    Gaming glasses for set up

    The decoration

    The decor allows you to link your entire setup by giving it real consistency. A few elements among many others that will make the difference:

    Posters : highlight your favorite references

    Shelves : not only useful for storage, shelves also allow you to showcase your favorite objects and figurines.

    Plants: A few well-placed plants will give your setup and your lungs some air.

    Hammock for the feet : no kidding, you're here to game, it's not the beach here.

    gaming figurines for set up

    The final word | Best Gaming Setup

    Whatever type of gaming setup you choose, you will find it within your reach. Remember to take your time to find a machine that will last for years. Do you want to treat yourself to a real gamer set up ? Take a look at the most beautiful gaming setups for even more inspiration.

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    We also recommend Guillaume's Youtube channel, which specializes in finding the best gaming set up. His channel is a nugget that allows you to go around the best gaming set ups and give you plenty of inspiration.


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