Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time? We should even go further and ask ourselves the following question " should we wear blue light blocking glasses all the time ?!" This article takes stock and explains why and how to reduce the impact of our screens and LEDs.

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    What is blue light: distinction

    The right blue light

    Although the legend suggests it, the blue light did not appear so recently. Blue light is actually just one of many colors or wavelengths "emitted" by the sun

    . We have therefore lived with it since the dawn of time and we will still live with it until Saint Glinglin's day.

    Mountainous landscape with blue sky and sun

    This small historico-sympathetic context quickly makes it possible to understand that blue light is above all useful for humans. Science has even highlighted its particular usefulness: the regulation of our wake-sleep cycle (circadian cycle for the more erudite).

    There is therefore this good blue light, mixed in a natural way with the other colors of the light spectrum which wander in nature and which is good for us.

    Evil artificial blue light

    More recently, screens have invaded our daily lives (thank you Bill🪟, thank you Steve🍏). And that's when our little cro-magnon eyes took a hit. Our eyes, which are not made for it, are now exposed more than 8 hours a day to a new light source that emits far too much blue light concentrated directly to the very bottom of your pupils.

    To be precise, it's between the wavelengths of 380 and 450 nanometers that your little eyes suffer. These wavelengths are harmful in the short term ( headaches , visual fatigue, etc.) and in the long term (potential dangers to the retina).

    Ophthalmologists and a lot of other experts are really worried about the resurgence (and not recrudiesel) of screens in our daily lives.

    Young man with blue light blocking glasses looking at his laptop

    Which blue light to block?

    Let's keep it simple: you have to block as much harmful blue light as possible, with particular attention to key times of the day. The golden rules:

    • 🔴 Thoroughly block ultra harmful blue violet light (380-430 nanometers)

    • 🟠 Reduce extended spectrum of harmful blue light (430-450 nanometers)

    • ⌚ Decrease exposure to blue light 3 hours before bedtime (glasses help a lot but turning off all screens is even a better solution)

    • 🌳 Think about getting some air to give your eyes some respite.

    Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

    It is possible but not necessarily recommended. It is especially in the event of overexposure that it is necessary to equip oneself.

    During the day, if everything is fine and you don't have any particular eye sensitivity, you don't have to wear them all the time. Your eyes also have built-in protective mechanisms that help regulate (to some extent) exposure to different frequencies.

    There are no real rules, but the main thing is to protect yourself when you are most exposed to it or on days when your eyes are a little more tired and sensitive (and would do without an extra dose blue light).

    Wearing blue light blocking glasses all the time is possible, it's just additional protection, and if you wear glasses that are too stylish like the nomadic collection from Horus X or even the special solar screens collection then we understand that you don't want don't leave them ;)

    When to wear blue light blocking glasses

    Here are typical examples to give you a better idea of ​​when to wear blue light blocking glasses.

    • 🍽️ Breakfast with family or friends : no need

    • 💻 Session on the computer in large excel table mode? Put on your glasses!

    • 🎮 Big game of Call of at the end of the day : quickly put on your eye shield.

    • 🏖️ Did you take your smartphone to the beach like an extreme tiktokeur that you are? Yes, protect yourself with your glasses (in addition to UVs outside, you risk killing your retina).

    In general, our recommendation is to wear your screen glasses as soon as you expose yourself to artificial light: in front of a screen, under LED lighting... For the rest, do what you like.

    Bezel recognition based on time of day

    To make your choice, we have prepared our ultimate selection to protect you from harmful light and reduce its harmful impact.

    🧑‍💼 At school or at the office : nomadic glasses in casual mode that can be worn very well in all circumstances with transparent glasses. Favorite Horus X: The Ushuaïa model .

    🕶️ Outdoors : sunglasses but designed for screens with a powerful UV filter, well-tinted glasses to protect you from glare and an integrated blue light filter. We recommend: The Urban Sun.

    🌙 In the evening : to block as much blue light as possible and protect your sleep, we recommend amber glasses: The Urban

    ⚡ For any intense use (Gaming, long work session...) we recommend orange lenses equipped with cutting-edge Plasma technology: The Revolution

    🧒 For the little ones, discover the collection of children's anti-blue light glasses

    🤓 If you already have glasses in your sight, you can add an extra shield with the blue light shield !

    Other important tips for regaining/keeping balance.

    It's not all about being well equipped with a good eye shield. To be in great shape over the long term, nothing replaces a good general balance. And it goes through several simple things that you have to get into the habit of putting in place:

    • Sleep : It is the base on which rests all your balance. If you sleep poorly, it will be difficult for you to function at your best. Rest, it's too important. Think 20-minute naps after eating (the Horus X secret to success).

    • Nutrition : Eating well is the basis of your energy. Choose healthy sources of calories. Avoid foods that are too sweet. And if you need a little boost, rather than a red bull full of sugar and caffeine, try a healthy gaming supplement like booster X .

    • Hydration : It's simple but so difficult to get into the habit. Fill yourself with a good bottle of water every early morning and afternoon and challenge yourself to finish it before the end of your session. Incredibly powerful for your body to work without straining .

    • Exercise : We are just machines. And an AC machine needs to run to oil the cogs and release the pressure. It's simple, it's proven, so give yourself time to let off steam and reduce your exposure to screens!

    • A good setup : Whether it's a gaming setup or a work setup, you have to think about your space so that it is as ergonomic as possible. Think of a good chair, a good mouse and a good ergonomic keyboard (Christian), good lighting...

    The final word: Can you wear blue light blocking glasses all the time?

    Napoleon said that in life, when you want you can. On this point we join him. On the other hand he also said "when we can we must" and that's NO! We have seen where that led the animal. You will understand, no need to become a blue light fanatic. There is a time for everything and for blue light blocking glasses it's the same. They are an undeniable asset against eye fatigue and the risks associated with screens. Protection at the right time is enough to protect you properly.

    The FAQ | Community Questions

    Is it okay to wear blue light blocking glasses?

    Yes ! You will have understood that it is good for your eyes. It's even better if it's ultra cool anti-blue light, anti-reflective, anti-UV glasses like Horus X for example. If you want to know more: how blue light blocking glasses work

    How do you know if you should wear eyeglasses?

    Like most people, you tire in front of the screen. Even if glasses are not the only solution , they help a lot and help preserve your visual acuity for longer.

    Which glasses to watch TV?

    Glasses for anti blue light screen as presented in this article will do very well for watching television.

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