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Ils parlent de la lumière bleue


Yes, there are more and more of them, and it's really not funny. If you want to know everything, the scientific references are at the bottom of this page.

Software and apps block blue light directly from the screen of your pc or smarphone. They act either by transforming the color in the video driver or with a colored filter on top.

It's quite efficient and frankly we recommend them, most of them are free! It is better to install a software than to do nothing. But the protection is not total. They are unable to block all the blue light emitted, or even to block the LED backlight.

The glasses protect you from all sources of blue light. It's hard to reduce the blue light of your TV screen for example if you play in console mode. It's even worse when it comes to LED lights everywhere (because energy saving = top!)...

Too bad, because they emit much more harmful blue light. If you are in an environment where you switch from one screen to another (group work, coworking, etc.), then the anti blue light glasses also allow you to be better protected.

If it's a question of price on the other hand, we offer a very stylish and efficient model, for less than 35€: Frankly, we don't make fun of you with a price half the price of some big brands for the same quality. + info

To be honest, yes, you will have a very slight color distortion; but you will adapt to it very quickly.

Within minutes you won't even notice them! If you are a graphic designer or photographer and need a visual of your screen with an exact color, a little look over the glasses and you're done.

In any case, we work with lenses that incorporate the latest blue light absorption technology, so that you can have the least amount of coloration possible!

We had a few customers who were not entirely satisfied with the color, we refunded them and they were able to keep their Horus X pair.

We have to admit, it's not very practical to superimpose the two. Our first models are primarily intended for those who do not wear glasses.

Opticians are now tending to offer an anti blue light filter on corrective glasses, even if we have to say that we are not very satisfied with them.

The level of filtration offered is often a bit weak and looks a bit too much like a gadget than a real protection. By the way, if you have glasses, we're working on a very stylish clip-on model. You can vote for your favorite features here.

We created our eyewear brand with a simple objective: to simplify the functionality of eyewear and make it more accessible. No need for 150 models for 1 use.

A "simple and efficient" model is created for each use, for a much easier choice. At the price level, some competitors offer the same quality for a price sometimes three times more expensive.

No need for a big debate here, we simply try to make glasses accessible to all. Not to mention that we do a lot of work on the design of the glasses and on the choice of materials, to offer you the best quality. The goal, that your glasses last you as long as possible with an outstanding comfort.

Not to mention that we use some of the most advanced technology in the world for our blue light filters. All of our lenses are equipped with optimal blue light protection + a superior AR coating that provides even more relief for your eyes. We're really going to focus on maximizing blue light protection across the entire dangerous spectrum from 380-450 nm.

Some brands have no qualms about displaying protection over a much narrower spectrum, which in the end does not really protect ....

Our factories are located in Taiwan and China, because we have selected the best industry in the world.

We know the impact this can have. This choice is accompanied by a very strict control of the products, working conditions, and as far as transport is concerned, we also take measures (transport by train for example, instead of by plane or boat, both hyper-polluting)

This is something we are constantly striving to improve, but it is the best solution we have found at the moment to ensure top quality.

Our commitment to associations that fight against global warming is one of our priority objectives. For example, we are members of "1% for the planet". We donate 1% of our total turnover to associations fighting for the preservation of the planet.

Everyone talks about it but doesn't seem to really measure the impact it can have. We even have acquaintances who "don't believe in it".

The impacts of blue light are insidious and are not always immediate. More and more scientific studies are highlighting the recognized dangers of blue light. The most harmful blue-violet light is that between 380 and 450 nanometers, because its very short waves are the most energetic and therefore the most harmful to the eye. These are the ones to avoid.

With your gamer glasses, you offer yourself 98% protection from the harmful spectrum, quite simply. Every day, we are exposed to screens for about 6 hours, and the increasing use of new technologies leads to an overexposure of the eye to harmful blue light.

It should be noted that screens emit blue light that is up to 100 times stronger and more aggressive than that from natural sources. Visual fatigue, sunlight disturbance are recognized short-term dangers. Loss of vision (AMD), attention deficit (ADHD), potentially in the long term. Even if there is still a lot of research to be done before having definitive conclusions, the first results are worrying.